Womens Short Film Festival

Womens Short Film Festival

FNCC Outdoor

In sports, in ambitions or even in sexuality... To be a woman is to encounter obstacles and in this programme we meet personalities who show us how to overcome sometimes complex situations and assert their freedom.  Go and meet these "Affranchies", who show boldness and independence!  Join us for an outdoor film festival screening of the following 6 short films:


Pink, Black, and Blue (Les Roses et les bleus) - by Claudia Lopez Lucia • 2021• 22min

·                   I am not (Je ne suis pas) - by Valentine Zhang • 2021 • 4min

·                   The Right Time (A point) - by Aurélie Marpeaux • 2021 • 20min

·                   A free run (Un corps brûlant) - by Lauriane Lagarde • 2021 • 14min

·                   Hot rod (Bolide) - by Juliette Gilot • 2021 • 17min

·                   Beach Flags - by Sarah Saidan • 2014 • 13min


Join us at the FNCC on Wednesday, 8 March at 7.30pm. Entrance is FREE!
Free Popcorn for women.