Exhibitions > Art @FNCC: Wildlife Conservation in Namibia with TOSCO

Art @FNCC: Wildlife Conservation in Namibia with TOSCO

Art @FNCC: Wildlife Conservation in Namibia with TOSCO
Fundraising Exhibition
Monday, October 29, 2018 - 17:30
Wednesday, 7 November 2018
Simon Lumbu Gallery

The world's wildlife serves as a true reminder of how wonderful and useful biodiversity is; but the contemporary status of wildlife also shows how fragile our planet is.

Learn the challenges of living with wildlife and the role of tourism helping in the human wildlife conflicts.

TOSCO is an organization that represents responsible tourism companies, guides and travelers who support conservation in Namibia and wish to look after its natural resources and local communities. Proceeds from the sale of artworks go towards TOSCO’s projects which support conservation.

The evening is highlighted with a tree-planting ceremony to support the Eloolo Permaculture Initiative Namibia.

TOSCO, organisation de tourisme responsable, présente cette exposition dont l’objectif est de sensibiliser à la conservation de la faune Namibienne.  Les recettes des ventes d’oeuvre d’art serviront à des projets de protection de la biodiversité.  Une cérémonie de plantation d’arbres aura lieu le jour de l’ouverture.

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