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Art is Beauty. Art is Love. Art is Life.

Art is Beauty. Art is Love. Art is Life. by Mona Vayda
An Exhibition by Mona Vayda
Tuesday, July 31, 2018 - 17:30
Wednesday, 22 August 2018
Taste of Africa Restaurant Gallery

Mona Vayda, painter, photographer and writer is a selftaught multidisciplinary artist working with wide variety of mediums.

She explores the field of abstraction using vivid colours and subdued palettes, each a depiction of something close to her heart.
She plays with form and colour bringing vibrancy and depth to each of her works. Living in Australia, Switzerland, U.K. and Namibia and travelling in India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, USA, South Africa, has contributed to her evolution as an individual and as an artist.

Mona invites all to explore her philosophy, that art should bring joy to one’s heart and one’s home. Welcome. 

L’artiste autodidacte et pluridisciplinaire Mona Vayda nous entraîne dans un univers abstrait de lumière et de couleurs où l’art doit être vecteur de beauté, de joie. L’usage singulier de la matière semble être au centre des créations, faisant écho à des émotions fortes et souvent positives.