Ibero-Latin American Film Week - Cuba
Ibero-Latin American Film Week - Mexico: Ahí Está El Detalle
Saturday, 10 November 2018 at 9:00
FNCC Cinema
Directed by Juan Bustillo Oro, 2h00, 1940, Black and White Comedy

A grand mixup leads to hijinks...The boyfriend (Cantinflas) of the servant of a rich industrial man, come to the palatial mansion to kill a mad dog. 
Suddenly the rich man appears and believes Cantinflas is his wife's brother Leonardo, who had been lost for years. Remembering his father in law’s testament that he would only get paid once all the brothers were reunited, the rich man treats Cantinflas, a real bum, like a king.

Cantinflas, le petit ami de la servante, se trouve au bon moment et au bon endroit lorsqu un riche industriel le prend pour son beau-frere.

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